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Typeitin within Typeitin

Posted: Tue Dec 07, 2021 12:26 pm
by Nate
How do I select another typeitin to run within another typeitin. I have a form letter typeitin that generates a contact letter to a customer. Within that I want to enter my office hours for their timezone. I have individual typeitin's set up for each of the 4 main timezones and I want to have a prompt at the beginning to input the desired typeitin at that point in the letter.

Thanks in Advance!

Re: Typeitin within Typeitin

Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2021 4:45 pm
by Wavget
You can use the Variable prompt to ask for user input.

{Var1 =?Time Zone? E/C/M/P}

The response, e, c, m, or p, will be stored in variable #1.

The time zone is
{If (Var1=e) [Eastern Standard Time]}
{If (Var1=c) [Central Standard Time]}
{If (Var1=m) [Mountain Standard Time]}
{If (Var1=p) [Pacific Standard Time]}

Four if statements are used to type the information based on the user input.

This is the complete code for the test button:
{Var1 =?Time Zone? E/C/M/P}The time zone is {If (Var1=e) [Eastern Standard Time]}{If (Var1=c) [Central Standard Time]}{If (Var1=m) [Mountain Standard Time]}{If (Var1=p) [Pacific Standard Time]}{Enter}