Typeitin V3.7 beta 2 available

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Typeitin V3.7 beta 2 available

Post by Wavget » Thu Jun 02, 2022 3:33 pm

This is what is new in Typeitin Version 3.7:

* Added favorite color list to button color selection window.
The button color selection dialog now allows you to define favorite color combinations and save them for easy selection.

* Improved Enterprise version clipboard sharing server error handling.
The clipboard sharing sever has improved error handling on startup.

* Added option to change window watch and shortcut monitoring activation key from Control to Shift or `~
In addition to the default Control key you can now also choose the Shift or `~ key to activate a button.
You can change this in Setup - Settings - Activation key.

* Added ability to step through button functions, network & enterprise versions only.
In the Edit button window, click on the arrow next to the Close button and select Test button from the menu.
Click to activate the window you want to test the button with. The next function will be highlighted in the Edit button window. Press the Control key to perform the highlighted function. Press Escape to quit.

* Added WaitForCtrl function to wait for Control key before continuing with button.
The {WaitForCtrl} function will wait for you to press the Control key before continuing the button.

* Added option to record delay time between mouse functions.
In the Edit button window, click on the arrow next to the Record button to activate Mouse and Delay between mouse functions recording.
With this enabled, in addition to recording keyboard activity, Typeitin will also record mouse activity and delays.

* Changed Pause and Delay functions info displayed in Typeitin title bar.
Improved button window title bar messaging for Pause and Delay functions.

* Fixed issue with Export options dialog window location checking.
Export options dialog window could be located off-screen and not accessible.

* Fixed issue with Escape key not stopping button in Delay function.
Longer Delay values could not be interrupted by Escape key.

* Fixed issue with & in license name not displaying correctly in About dialog.
An ampersand in the license name was displayed incorrectly in the About dialog.

* Fixed issue with variable math using unnumbered variable {Var}.
{Var +1} did not work correctly.

* Fixed issue with Setup window and different display font settings.
Setup window scaling did not work correctly for some font settings.

* Fixed issue with time between keys set to zero not typing at program's & computer's max speed.
There was a small delay between keys even when between keys delay was set to zero.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for additional features!

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