Pasteitin V1.8 beta 4 available

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Pasteitin V1.8 beta 4 available

Post by Wavget » Fri Apr 22, 2022 5:05 pm

You can download the latest beta version here.

This is what is new in Pasteitin version 1.8:

Beta 4
* Added favorite color combinations to color dialog.
You can now save a favorite button color combination for easier access.

* Added QuickFix to format number.
The number format QuickFix function now supports additional options.
{Number (###) ###­####} to format 8005551212 into (800) 555­1212.
(Number %#,##0.00} to format 123456.9 to 123,456.90

* Added favorite color option to button right click menu.
Favorite button color combinations can now quickly be accessed through the button right click menu instead of having to open the edit window.

* Fixed issue with incorrect button text updating during edit.
Editing a button name updated the incorrect button in the main window.

* Fixed issue with new button not deleted if edit was cancelled.
When you create a new button through the button right click menu and Cancel the edit window the button will be deleted.

* Changed help file to PDF format.
Changed the Help file from old style Windows help to a new PDF document.

* Changed default button font from Tahoma to Segoe UI.
Improved user interface.

Beta 3
* Added new version check in Settings – License.
You can now manually or automatically check if there is a newer version of Pasteitin available.

* Right click on color button now sets button color to last used colors.
Pasteitin now remembers the last button color combination you used and you can apply it to the current button by right clicking on the color button in the Edit window.

Beta 2
* Added Shortcut Key option to QuickFixes.
You can now assign a shortcut key to a quickfix to quickly apply a fix to the last copied button.

* Added Shortcut Key to paste last copied button.
A new shortcut key option was added to paste the last copied button.

These two shortcut keys enable you to quickly copy, fix, and paste text.
As an example: Control-C to copy, Control-Alt-U assigned to the make uppercase shortcut, Control-Alt-V to paste the fixed text.

* Added clear shortcut button in Settings – Shortcuts.
Clicking the Clear button will erase the shortcut key setting for the selected function.

* Fixed issue with track used buttons and button color.
The button color option introduced in beta 1 caused an issue with the track used buttons feature.

* Fixed user interface issues in Shortcut Key editor.
Fixed visual issues with the shortcut key editor with different font sizes and screen resolutions.

* Added ability to change button color.
Look for the Color icon next to the button name in the Button Edit window.

* Added QuickFix function to change button color.
You can create a QuickFix to set a button color like {ButtonColor clYellow,clPurple}

* Added RollUp, Search and Settings to button window title bar menu.
Quickly access the Search function or the Settings window by right clicking on the button window title bar.

* Added license management tab to Settings window.
Simplified license management. Just enter your email address, and enter a validation code you receive via email.

* Renamed Setup window to Settings.
Just made more sense.

* Button text is now updated as button name is edited.
When you change the button name in the Button Edit window the text on the button is updated as you type.

* Fixed issue with button window visible on Windows startup screen.
Fixed that under some conditions the button window was visible on the Windows startup screen.

* Fixed user interface issue with QuickFix window.
Line spacing in the Quick Fixes list was incorrect on some computers.

Questions, comments, and suggestions for new features are always welcome!


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